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    gabbadoug-1.jpg.pngI have been a huge fan of the Castelli's Gabba Jackets since their introduction in 2011.  This photo is of me riding in a Castelli Short Sleeve Jacket in Montana.  This picture was actually in the Livingston Enterprise Newspaper.  I find that the Gabba is the piece of cycling clothing I consistently pull out of my closet during Winter, Spring and Fall rides.  Neither rain or cold weather put a damper on my rides.   

    Let me help you find the right Gabba for your needs.  My company,, has been selling this product from the beggining and I would love to help you find one the suits your needs.  We are experts on Castelli sizing since we have worked with the product so many years.  Either me or staff are experts on these and can guide you towards the size that's right for you.  

    Give us a call at 888-817-8060 or email me directly.

    Doug Duguay



    We have put together a collection of videos from about the Gabba here.   

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