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    Castelli Body Paint 2.0 Bib Short

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    Item Description

    Castelli Body Paint 2.0 Cycling Bib Short

    The Body Paint Revolution

    We all want to change the world right? Castelli is constantly innovating and improving their cycling apparel to offer us the best there is, and to help us be the best we can be on the bike. The Body Paint bib is a fine example of this and employs the very latest in fabric and design technology to give us what is, in Castelli's own words, the fastest and most comfortable short they have ever made.

    Already hugely popular since its introduction, after six figure mileage of pro-rider testing the Body Paint 2.0 takes performance and comfort to another level. The premium Progetto X2 chamois features perforations in the foam layer of the seat pad for added airflow and ventilation, making it extremely quick-drying.

    Body Paints 2.0 bib shorts are made from a single piece of material that has all the features already knit into the fabric, instead of having them stitched in place in different panels. The lack of seams assures an unparalleled fit and level of comfort. The one piece of fabric incorporates different zones, to maximize aerodynamics, compression, breathability, wicking and grip.

    If you haven't already, then join the revolution now and don't get left behind!



    Castelli Progetto X2 Air Pad

    The Progetto X2 Air Chamois from Castelli

    The Progetto X2 Air from Castelli is the coolest and driest on the market, with perforations in the comfort layer of the pad, allowing optimal ventilation and moisture evaporation—and thanks to professional riders, the shape of the pad fits the rider shape in the saddle area better than any other one we've seen.

    Small steps for the Castelli Technical Team, but a major leap for the comfort of cycling mankind!

    Aero Dimples on the Body Paint 2.0 Bib Short

    boxescastellibodypaintlegdimples.jpgCastelli has engineered dimples into the fabric to induce flow separation and reduce aerodynamic drag. This dimpled structure has been knit right into the single piece of Lycra used to make these shorts-it is not a panel created separately and then stitched in. What does this mean? No seams that will chafe or wear out and the garment can lay completely flat against the skin, making it even more aerodynamic.

    The Body Paint 2.0 a.k.a The Best Short Ever. The fastest and most comfortable bibshort that Castelli has ever made, means a faster and more comfortable you!


    Giro2 Bib Straps on the Body Paint 2.0 Bib Short

    Giro 3 Straps are stretchy

    The same technology used on modern day cycling short leg grippers has been utilized on the Castelli Body Paint bib strap. The one single strip of Giro2 fabric used is soft, stretchy and grippy, with no seams or trim that might cut into your shoulders.

    The bib strap will lay completely flat against your body and hold the shorts in place perfectly. The minimum of material is used to maximum effect, keeping you cool and comfortable while the shorts are fully supported and remain in position.

    A breathable lightweight mesh panel at the rear includes an electronics/radio pocket just like the pros!

    Giro3 Integrated Leg Grippers on the Body Paint 2.0 Bib Short


    Traditional leg grippers usually consist of a silicone elastic band stitched at the hem of the short leg.

    With the Body Paint 2.0 the grip material is knit directly into a large, 2-inch strip of the fabric at the bottom of the leg. It is an integral part of the one piece of fabric used in the construction of the short.

    This type of gripper will securely hold the short in place, with only gentle compression, and will lie completely flat against the leg for improved aerodynamics.

    Additionally, they will keep leg warmers in place and they also don't pinch your legs like shorts with heavy elastic bands at the bottom.

    Speed + Comfort = Body Paint 2.0!

    Body Paint 2.0 Leg Grippers Detail Shot

    Detailed Product Review

    Having been introduced to the Body Paint Bibs and the Castelli Progetto X2 seatpad a couple of years ago now, I have truly seen the light! They are still going strong and I am still impressed. Of course I do tend to look after them (they take such good care of me!), and I do save them for my longer rides as opposed to my daily commute.

    On deciding to add another pair to my kit drawer, I was super excited to try the Body Paint 2.0. Expectations were running high, as my original Body Paints have been so great. When expectations run high like this, there is always some potential for disappointment. Not the case with these bad boys! They are every bit as good as my other pair, and yes they are better still. It's not a night and day thing, obviously with product at this level improvements will be subtle, but the upgrades definitely add something and are certainly noticeable. I personally haven't wind-tunnel tested the aerodynamic dimpling yet, but these bibshorts definitely have the feel, comfort and quality that you know the very top-level pro riders demand, and benefit from. On my first outing in the 2.0s, the hills still kicked my butt, and I have yet to dial in the position on my new bike, but these new Body Paints sure made me forget about all that and enjoy the task in hand! They feel every bit as comfortable and as fast as the blurb and the looks suggest. Simply put, they are the best bibshorts I have used so far.
     –Kevin Langton, former team member  


    These bibs have a highly refined fit. Made with only two spandex panels (others use 10 or more), they stretch comfortably around our bodies. The straps are a gossamer material that seem to disappear. The chamois is excellent, though not preferred by riders who like a lot of cushion.
      –Bicycling magazine 

    Innovative, lightweight, comfortable; price is the only downside ... they really do represent a radical design departure.

      Read the rest of the review here.

    Bike Radar 



    Castelli Body Paint 2.0 Bib Short at a glance

    Recommended User:
    Pro-level performance for all. Super fast, super comfortable. For those who appreciate and want the best. Says:
    Feature-packed to provide you with the ultimate in comfort while feeling so much like a second skin that you have to remind yourself you're wearing them. Aerodynamic, cool and light, minimal seams, great fit and superb chamois. Simply the best.
    Chamois/Seat Pad:
    The new Castelli Progetto X2 Air chamois features perforations in the foam layer to improve airflow and bring even greater comfort to this fantastic seat pad.
    Single-piece Body Paint engineered fabric with variable knit structure, including aero dimples on the leg and mesh at the rear. The fabric optimizes aerodynamics, moisture-wicking and comfort.
    Inseam Length:
    9 " (size medium)
    One piece of fabric used for the short minimizes seams and maximizes comfort.
    Seam type:
    Only one at the leg/crotch and one where the bib upper joins the shorts.
    Castelli warranty +'s exclusive 1 Year Guarantee
    Leg Gripper:
    Giro3 integrated leg grippers. Instead of stitching silicone elastic to the bottom of the leg, gripping material is knitted directly into a 2-inch wide band at the leg ending. This gives a clean line that lies flat for improved aerodynamics and does
    Form-fitting, European Sizing
    Bib Upper:
    Breathable mesh back with Giro2 seamless, gripping bibstraps. Radio pocket.

    Product Videos

    Castelli Progetto X2 Chamois - 02:42

    The Progetto X2 chamois is Castelli's top of the line chamois. It's found in their high end cycling clothing including the Castelli Body Paint 2.0 Bib Shorts and other high end bibs including the Castelli Endurance Bib Shorts stocks a full line of Castelli bibs and we specialize in having one of the largest collections of Castelli in the world Video produced by Dan Kaufman

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    Castelli Body Paint 2.0 Bib Short
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